Created by Karine Joncas, the three pillars of THE KJ METHOD were developed
in order to achieve the highest performance.

  The KJ Method

Formulations using only the most powerful ingredients with clinically proven efficacy

A personalized skincare system
to provide solutions
for all skin concerns

Simple & effective
3-Step Essential
and 5-Step Optimal Routines


The KJ Laboratory, located within the KARINE JONCAS head office in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada, is the epicenter of innovation, where products are developed by the Research and Development team. They are constantly on the lookout for the latest in anti-aging, aesthetic, dermatology, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals to find innovative ingredients and bring to life breakthrough products.

The Most Powerful Ingredients

Our exclusive KJ MEDI-COSMETIC COMPLEXES are formulated using only the most powerful ingredients with clinically proven efficacy. We also use cosmeceutical and botanical ingredients backed by advanced science in order to offer the highest performance without a medical prescription. With special attention and passion, we create exceptional and unique sensory experiences that deliver an overall sense of well-being. We not only focus on beautiful skin but also on younger, healthier-looking skin.

Optimal Concentration and High-Tolerance Skincare

We carefully select effective ingredients that we formulate at the optimal concentration for a perfect balance between product performance and skin tolerance. Our cosmeceutical grade formulas contain no superficial ingredients and are suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive. We are committed to going above and beyond to deliver quality skincare by ensuring the safety and efficacy of our products. Our Medi-Cosmetic Complexes are fully transparent and honest, so women know exactly what they are using!

KJ MEDI-COSMETICS is a proudly Canadian developed, high performance multi-functional skincare line with products that are fragrance-free, paraben-free and not tested on animals. Through our extreme dedication, we have proven that it's possible to obtain professional instant and long-lasting results in the comfort of your own home.

  KJ Personalized Beauty Prescription

  What is your KJ CODE?

More Than 200 Possible Combinations

In order to provide a solution to all your skin concerns, Karine Joncas has created an exclusive intensive skincare system with 10 Dermo-Intensive Concentrates that can be combined into more than 200 possible combinations.

This "multiple concentrate" ultra-effective system was inspired by the Japanese beauty ritual of layering. Layering is the art of applying successive fine layers of skincare products.

THE OBJECTIVE: to create the most powerful, targeted and personalized skincare routine.

A Personalized Problem-Solution Approach

Apply a few drops of one or more concentrates to target your specific skin concerns. Modify your routine at any time by using a different concentrate or by simply adding a new one to your routine.

This is particularly useful when adapting to the changing seasons or a change in skin concerns. This exclusive system allows you to layer up to 3 different concentrates. Ideal for all skin concerns and intensive skincare treatments.

Solutions for All Your Skin Concerns

As each concentrate is numbered 1 through 10, you can create your unique KJ CODE by combining the concentrates that best fit your skin.

By making her system completely personalized, her approach takes into consideration that every woman is unique in her skincare journey.

  What is your KJ Icon?

Multi-Functional Skincare for The Modern Busy Woman

KARINE JONCAS face creams & gel are specially formulated to adapt to every skin type. Truly multi-functional, all the KJ ICONS are 4 in 1: Day, Night, Eye Contour, Neck & Décolleté. Incorporating multiple benefits and functions in a single product is perfect for women; especially those with an active lifestyle. You can find this multi-functional feature across the entire KARINE JONCAS skincare line.

Choose Your Favorite Texture

Quick and simple, KJ ICONS offer an all-inclusive range of textures from a Gel to a Creamy texture. Choosing a moisturizer you love has never been easier! Take the time to experience each of our exceptional textures. It's important to choose your KJ ICON according to your preferences. Used as the final step in your KJ DERMO-ROUTINE, they complete your skincare by offering your skin a deep hydration and sealing it to allow optimal penetration of the active ingredients.

Day, Night, Eye Contour, Neck & Décollleté

KJ Dermo-Routines  KJ Dermo-Routines


Designed for the modern busy woman, who is short on time, Karine Joncas has created the simple 3-Step Essential and 5-Step Optimal Dermo-Routines. These routines can be customized based on your schedule and desired results. No matter how busy women are, they need to take care of themselves and their skin. These routines are designed to optimize the efficacy of each product. This is why we propose Dermo-Routines that really work!

3-Step Essential Routine The Essential Routine is a daily skincare routine that can be done both AM & PM that involves 3 simple and effective steps: Makeup Removal / Cleanse, Treat and Hydrate / Seal. These are your MUST-HAVE SKINCARE BASICS.

5-Step Optimal Routine The Optimal Routine is created by simply adding an additional 2 steps: Exfoliate and Stimulate / Revitalize. We recommend these two steps to be done 1-2 times a week.


In addition to her FACE CARE, Karine Joncas also offers a range of BODY CARE products that carry with them the same performance and benefits as the rest of the line.

Also inspired by body treatments and routines found in Medi-Spas, her BODY CARE products are effective at treating visible concerns over your whole body.

Your body also deserves your full attention!


A Unique Approach for
Professional Results at Home